Meet the Sponsors Week- Opt for Life

Meet the Sponsors Week 2018

Opt for Life

Opt for Life–Goalkeeper jersey

In 2018, the Gaels Junior Men were proud to support the Opt for Life Foundation.

Opt for Life is a foundation that promotes  organ donation. With the slogan “make life your legacy” they encourage the public to register to impact those who may be waiting on a life changing transplant. The foundation also supports changes in legislation in Northern Ireland and Ireland to a ‘opt-out’ policy rather than the current ‘opt-in’ policy.

A plan for legislation has already been put in place in 2018 by Scottish parliament to switch to an opt-in system (see the BBC website for more information). Currently, 45% of the Scottish population have signed up for the organ donor card scheme. “The Human Tissue (Authorisation) (Scotland) Bill, which includes provision for a ‘deemed authorisation system’, was published by the Scottish Government on 11 June 2018 for consideration by the Scottish Parliament” (NHS).

Ireland followed shortly after with their own ‘opt-out’ proposal (See the Irish Times for more information).  A plan for Ireland to create this system should be in place by the end of this year (“Organ donation“). The number of organ donors continues to rise in Scotland and Ireland, however more awareness of the benefits of organ donation can further drive these numbers. Currently, 650 people are waiting on a donation in Ireland, however with around 30,000 deaths, only 100 are donors. This highlights the growing need for more registered donors across the UK and Ireland.

Currently, no legislation change has been proposed in Northern Ireland and remains an ‘opt in’ system.

The Gaels are proud to support this foundation and spread awareness of the benefits of organ donation and this cause.

To register for organ donation please visit:

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