Laughter takes the gold at the Skill Olympics

Laughter takes the Gold at the Gaels GAA Skill Olympics

March 2019

In the first annual Gaels Gaelic Skill Olympics there was plenty of laughter, fun, and friendship. Held at the Gaels brand new 4g Gaelic Football Pitch at the Clydebank Community Sport Hub (the first of its kind in Britain)– over 30 kids participating on the day, with several newbies trying Gaelic for the first time—the ethos of the GAA shined bright for all to see. The kids really got behind their teams (which included kids from every age group) as they competed in 4 different skill challenges, culminating in an epic GAA obstacle course fit for the next Ninja warrior. Team Spain had an amazing come from behind victory taking the spoils with the highest number of Gold medals. However, Team Australia had the loudest voices and were the most encouraging to their fellow teammates. Overall the kids enjoyed participating on the day and were well chuffed with their prizes. This will be an annual event in the calendar and hopefully can be tied in with the Summer Olympics next year—some of the kids are already in training! Thanks a million to the volunteer coaches who helped on the day– Katherine McCrory, Bronagh Bogues, Shane Ryan, and Jimmy Treacy. If interested in having a Go at Gaelic please contact Jenn Treacy at–