Gaels launch ‘Gaelic4Girls’

‘Gaelic4Girls’ coming to Clydebank

G4G Receiving their training tops and certificates

The Glasgow Gaels Gaelic Football club are delighted to announce details of an exciting new programme called Gaelic4Girls that is commencing on the 15th April 2018. Gaelic4Girls is initially an 8 week programme aimed at increasing participation in Ladies Gaelic Football and promoting healthy and active lifestyles for young girls. The programme targets girls aged between 8-12 years who are not currently registered with a Gaelic Football Club.

Gaels Ladies coaches attend National ‘G4G’ Training Course

Gaelic4Girls is focused on fun and participation, allowing girls to get an introduction to Ladies Gaelic Football in a non-competitive environment. It will be held in Peterson Park (G13 4PF) every Sunday from 3-4pm, commencing on the 15th April 2018. On completion of the programme, participants are presented with certificates and training tops for their participation. Following the 8 weeks, the girls will be encouraged to register with our Ladies Football club, and those that do will be integrated into the existing teams. A Mini Blitz with all the participating Gaelic4Girls teams in Scotland after the 8 weeks–a major highlight of the programme.

This is the first Gaelic4Girls programme to be held in the area and all girls from Clydebank and the surrounding areas are encouraged to attend and learn the basic skills of Ladies Gaelic Football. This is a great way to make new friends and learn a new sport! The entire programme is FREE. For more information contact Jenn Treacy (Gaels Youth Coordinator) at

For more information on the programme see: LGFA Gaelic4Girls