Gaels ‘Bag’ Tesco Grant; Hold clean-up day in Peterson Park

May 2017                                                                                                                                          

Glaschu Gaels GFC bags grant from carrier bag charge fund

The Glasgow Gaels are delighted to announce it has ‘bagged’ grant money from Tesco’s Bags of Help funding scheme.

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its Bags of Help funding initiative, which sees grants money – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local outdoor community projects every month. Greenspace Scotland works with Groundwork to provide support to communities in Scotland.

Millions of shoppers voted in stores up and down the country. And it can now be revealed Glaschu Gaels were third place and have been awarded £1,000.

Work will now begin on bringing the project to life.

In their project, “Community Outreach and Lifelong Participation Through Gaelic Football” the Gaels have committed to rejuvenating their ‘green space’ Peterson Park. The Gaels train and host matches on the Park’s surfaces and in turn are working as a club to maintain a high standard at the facility.

On May 20th, 2017, members of the club rolled up their sleeves and got to work on some of the rubbish that had collected in the park over time.

“It’s great to give back to the community by helping clean-up Peterson Park” Club PRO Jennifer Treacy said. “We take pride in our little bit of green space in Glasgow and hope to widen our community projects over time”.

Tony McElroy, Tesco’s Head of Communications in Scotland, said:

“Bags of Help has been a fantastic success.

“We been overwhelmed by the response of our customers and it’s been great to give people a say on how the money will be spent in their community. We can’t wait to see the projects come to life.”

Voting ran in stores from 1st December to 31st December with customers choosing which local project they would like to get the top award using a token given to them at the check-out in store.

Since launching in 2015, Bags of Help has awarded more than £25 million across more than 3,000 local projects.

Tesco customers will get the chance to vote for three different groups each month. At the end of each month, when votes are collected, three groups in each of Tesco’s regions will be awarded funding.

Emma Halliday, Community Enabler Coordinator at Greenspace Scotland, said:

“It’s just the beginning for Bags of Help and we’re really excited about the future. The scheme will be permanently open for applications, and as grants can now be used for not just the development of, but also for the use of local outdoor spaces, we expect even more groups will now have the chance to benefit.

“It’s projects like these that really help to capture the public’s imagination by illustrating what can be achieved when communities are given the support and the encouragement they need to create better places where they live.”

Funding is available to groups who are seeking to use and develop outdoor spaces in ways that will benefit their local community. Anyone can nominate a local project and local organisations can apply. To find out more visit